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SMART TRAFFICMatch Each Visitor with the Landing Page Most Likely
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You know your prospects need to see relevant, tailored messages, so it’s ineffective to send them all to the exact same landing page—this approach limits your conversion potential.

Smart Traffic™ is an AI-powered conversion tool that automagically looks at each and every visitor’s attributes (like their location or device) and sends them to the variant most relevant to them. It starts optimizing in as few as 50 visits!

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“One-Size-Fits-All” Is Never Your
Best Option

Optimizing your landing pages for different types of visitors requires boatloads of time and traffic you don’t always have as a small business. You need to deliver the best message to each visitor, without tons of traffic…
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A/B Testing

A/B testing demands volumes of traffic you might not have. At best, it helps you serve a single landing page that appeals to as many similar people as possible. It targets the average visitor.

But a “one-page-fits-all” approach with one champion variant doesn’t speak to different visitors interested in your offer. After all the time and traffic invested—your “optimized” landing page still misses out on conversions.

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Smart Traffic™

Powered by our proprietary Artificial Intelligence, Smart Traffic dynamically sends each and every visitor to the page variant that’s right for them. No more crowning champions. No more lengthy testing periods. Plus, pages see an average lift in conversions of 20% compared to an A/B test.

It’s easy for small teams to get started. Create some variants, set conversion goals, and turn it on. Low traffic requirements mean you’ll see better results, faster.

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AI-Powered Landing Page Optimization

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Speed up your time to results

No more waiting months for enough traffic to hit your landing page. Smart Traffic starts learning and optimizing after as few as 50 visits—even if you change traffic sources or add new variants.

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Get the best conversion rate possible

Smart Traffic looks at each visitor’s attributes (like their location or device) and sends them to the page variant that’s most relevant to them based on their unique context.

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Enhance campaigns with Artificial Intelligence

Smart Traffic is a proprietary machine learning algorithm that tests, predicts, and optimizes throughout the life of your campaign. The best part? You can just set it, forget it, and start seeing results almost right away.

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Pages Using Smart Traffic™ See an Average Conversion Lift of 20%

No matter the size of your business, pair your marketing chops with the power of machine learning to create amazing campaigns, smarter content, and more compelling visitor experiences.
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Create your variants

You’re not limited to just one change—or just one variant. So be your most creative self. Whether inspiration strikes at your desk or in the shower, add a new variant to your campaign at any time.

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Set conversion goals

See results fast, even for itty-bitty campaigns. Smart Traffic starts optimizing quickly and never stops working on getting you the highest conversion rate possible.

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Optimize automagically

Turn on Smart Traffic. There’s no need to babysit. This AI-powered approach to optimization eliminates the hassles of formulating hypotheses or dealing with inconclusive results.

The fact we got 10% more conversions without doing any work is a big deal. You can’t ignore that.

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